Vehicle Diagnostic

Vehicle Diagnostic in Stoke-on-Trent

Diagnostic testing has become a major part of our activities here at Major Motors Ltd, due to the increased use of electronics in the modern motor vehicle. Even a well serviced car can fall foul due to electrical problems! Most of modern cars have multiple electronic control units from the engine management to electric windows.

Here at Major Motors Ltd we have invested heavily in modern equipment to tackle the problems that can be found on the modern vehicle. By making major investment in the latest diagnostic equipment and keeping up to date with current technical data we can offer near dealer level diagnostic to a wide range of makes and models. We also believe that training is the way forward, that is why we have great belief in the Bosch training courses our staff undertake.

At Major Motors we have a good range of diagnostic equipment, The Bosch KTS and the Snap-on scanner are excellent, We recently added the Carmen lite as it has excellent coverage for Asian and Japanese vehicles to make sure we can cover the wider range of vehicles required. We also use a Pico scope to help locate faults when required, as sometimes the diagnostic scanners will only point you in the right direction.

Car Diagnostics

The cost is £35.00+VAT for a diagnostic test, this may be all that is required to find the fault and fix if it’s something simple. Sometimes a diagnostic test will not identify the fault and further investigation is required. This will then involve extra labour at a cost of £45.00 an hour + VAT. We will always do our best to keep you informed of any extra cost!

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